Tuesday 8 September 2020

Turbo Tomato: Let's Get Physical

Turbo fans, it's finally, actually time. Time for the BIG NEWS.


I am extremely excited to announce that Turbo Tomato is to be published as a deluxe boxed collectors edition by the smashing folks at BitmapSoft, with art by none other than the very talented Stoo Cambridge!

BitmapSoft are well known for the fantastic quality of their retro physical releases, such as the great looking Golden Wing, also for Amiga. Stoo Cambridge is of course known for his work on Amiga classics like Cannon Fodder and Sensible Golf. With a team like that you can be sure the final product will be top quality and a must-have for any Amiga collector.

On a personal note, having a physical release of one of my own games has been a dream of mine for a long time, probably ever since I saw Miner Willy and Monty Mole on television when I was a child. Now, only forty-odd years later, it's being realised. Amazing!

The release date is to be confirmed, but pencil in some free time in early 2021.

Stay tuned!


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