Friday 16 July 2021

Turbo Tomato: Golden Delicious

 Turbo Tomato has gone gold!

Turbo Tomato Gold Master

Yes, I know. "Gold Master" doesn't apply to floppy disks, and that's a HD disk that some Amigas will have trouble reading, and I didn't even need to make a floppy at all, but I had a yellow floppy and couldn't resist making the Gold Master joke.

Over the past weeks the game has been tested and tweaked, tuned, polished and bugfixed to an intense degree. Testers Tony and Niko have done an amazing job!

The disk image has now been submitted to Bitmap Soft for final production of the boxed editions. These look fantastic, by the way.

Turbo Tomato will be available to order on 31st July 2021.

 In grand Amiga tradition, that's just two more weeks...stay saucy!


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