Friday 19 November 2021

NEWS: Turbo Santa

NIVRIG GAMES announces the upcoming release of TURBO SANTA for the Classic Amiga platform, based on 2021's hit game TURBO TOMATO.

Turbo Santa Preview Trailer
Santa slept in! Can you deliver the presents across twenty waves in the good-saint-Nick of time to save Christmas?

A frantic arcade score-attack game for the Classic Amiga platform.

Christmas Day has come to The Garden. The children are starting to wake up and wander around, still half-asleep, looking for the presents Santa left for them. But none are to be found!

Gather magical gifts as they appear and toss them to the dreaming children. Don't miss, and watch out for the GRUNCH dashing around stealing presents! Take too long and the children will wake up to no presents, and Christmas will be ruined!

It's time for TURBO, Santa!

Turbo Santa will be released in December 2021 as pay-what-you-want on

Difficulty levels to suit all abilities
Online leaderboards for the best Santas

System Requirements
Classic Amiga
1Mb Chip RAM required
Kickstart 2.0+ required
Joystick/Joypad required
Compatible with all chipsets and accelerators

Please direct all enquiries to

Developer Homepage
Turbo Santa on


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