Monday 18 January 2021

Amiga Ireland 2021

Amiga Ireland went online for 2021, for obvious reasons. It was a great event and saw the previous Dodgy Rocks records being DESTROYED in the high-score competition, and the first real public outing for Turbo Tomato. Thanks to everyone who took part.

Amiga Ireland 2021 Group Photo (partial!)

I did a quick 15-minute interview on the history and progress-to-date of Turbo Tomato. This will be available on YouTube in the next few days. Thanks to Amiga Ireland for the chance to show it off to a live audience!

Dodgy Rocks Amiga Ireland final score tables

The Dodgy Rocks high-score competition saw the first ever 10K score on Normal from ArisAmiga, quickly followed by another 10K from fsphil and then pipped for the top spot at the last minute by the same player with 12,116. The previous record was 6,660 - effectively half of the new record - and would have placed fifth on the day. Incredible! The Nightmare difficulty competition was won by Girolamo, beating his own previous record with a new 2,421.

Comments from players included: "Should probably come with a health warning", "My eyes are bleeding from the nightmare level!" and "I am gonna have a heart attack!", but I promise playing is actually a fun experience!

Both winners will receive a plaque made from real Irish rocks and a physical copy of the game, the latter courtesy of Phoenix Ware.

"Physical copy of the game?", you ask. YES! Pre-orders for the boxed edition of Dodgy Rocks are now open.

The online format for the event worked really well, but you can't beat being there in person. I'm looking forward being there in Athlone for 2022!


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  1. Thanks for coming on to talk to us about Turbo Tomato. Looking forward to it so much! Here's the youtube link